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The Basics of Managing Your Local Business Listings

The Basics of Managing Your Local Business Listings

Local business listings are one of the keys to Internet marketing success and better lead generation. Every business should make sure they have a presence on the major local business listing sites – Google, MapQuest, Yelp – and depending on your type of business, there are a few more specialty ones to consider.

Claim Your Business Listings

You should claim your local listings as soon as you have a business name, address, and phone number to list. The sooner you claim your listing, the better. Otherwise, it is possible that another person could claim it and then it could fall out of your control. Claiming and managing your listings allows you to control the information your clients see when they perform a search for your business online.

It is also helpful to have one person using one e-mail address (a general business address like register all the business listings. This way there are not multiple people in your office creating duplicate listings, and you always know which email address is associated with the listings.

Make Sure Your Name, Address, and Phone Number Are Right

Your listings should be consistent with your NAP – name, address, phone number – especially if you are in a suburb of a larger city area. For example, if your office is in Oakland Park, but some of your business listings have you located in Fort Lauderdale, pick a single city listing and stick with it. Most South Florida locals will know that the two cities are different and sometimes interchangeable on directions and mailing addresses.

Let Us Help with Your Web Marketing

Claiming, completing, and managing multiple local business listings can be a burden when you’re trying to run your business. Let the Adwire Media team help you with your web marketing so you get more local clients. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our Internet marketing solutions, or call us at 855-692-3947.