Consistent Name, Address, and Phone is Vital to Web Presence
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Why Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number is Important for South Florida Businesses’ Web Presence

Why Consistent Name, Address and Phone Number is Important for South Florida Businesses’ Web Presence

Consistent name, address, and phone numbers on your website and in local listings are a vital part of Internet marketing for businesses across South Florida because it answers one of the most basic questions your target audience searches for: who are you, where are you, and how do I reach you?

A single error in your NAP on any website or listing anywhere on the Internet could be the first impression of your business a potential client receives. If that error is a wrong phone number or a typo in your address, they may never become a client because they cannot reach you, become confused, or simply become frustrated trying to figure out which is your correct information.

NAP errors go beyond preventing humans from finding your business information correctly. Inconsistencies in your name, address, and phone number can also confuse business listing aggregators. Many business directories pull their data from your website or Google Maps listings, and if they are incorrect or inconsistent there, that error can propagate beyond your control across other websites.

So what do you do to minimize your risk of NAP errors?

It is understandable that businesses may change their name, address, and phone number from time to time. Keeping a log of all the places that you have your business listed (local business directories, social media sites, etc.) will help you make sure you make changes everywhere your business is mentioned if you alter your name, address, or phone number.

Also, make sure everyone in your company knows the standard way to write your business name, address, and phone number, especially your marketing team. If you do not have an Internet marketing team, Adwire Media can fill that gap and ensure your NAP is consistent across the board. We offer a wide range of Internet marketing services designed to help clients find your business. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our services, or give us a call at 855-692-3947to speak to an Adwire agent.