The Importance of Backlinks | Fort Lauderdale Web Design
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Why Backlinks Are Important for Your Fort Lauderdale Business’s Website

Why Backlinks Are Important for Your Fort Lauderdale Business’s Website

There are many ways to improve the traffic coming to your Fort Lauderdale business’s website – good web design, high quality content, responsible keyword use. Another important one is backlinks.

Backlinks are links going to your website’s pages that come from other websites. Google factors in backlink quality and quantity into its ranking algorithms. When it changed its interpretation of backlink profiles a few years ago, it did hurt some sites. Sites with backlinks from poor quality sites or sites that tried to “game the system” by setting up backlinking services were the ones hit the hardest.

To shed some light on Google’s take on backlinking in 2015, Moz conducted a study on backlinking that found it IS relevant and useful in improving search rank. Their study looked at 15,000 highly competitive keywords and found that the highest ranking sites for each keyword were those with at least one backlink. In fact, 77.8% of ranked pages had one or more links pointing to the individual page in question.

There is still no definitive answer to how many backlinks is the “golden number” to help a website in search rankings. The general best practice is to focus on overall quality of content and SEO health for your site and let the backlinking come naturally.

Unsure of how to get more backlinks to your website? Adwire Media can help you develop a functional website and engaging content that makes people want to talk about your Fort Lauderdale business. Fill out our contact form or call us at 855-692-3947 to learn about our full range of website solutions.