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What You Can Learn from Your 2018 Web Traffic

What You Can Learn from Your 2018 Web Traffic

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about what content on your website performed the best, what your top sources of traffic were, and whether or not your website has “seasons” of peak performance.

Take a look at your web traffic year in review and you could learn some important facts to help you boost your traffic in 2016.

Identify Your Top Performing Content

Your top performing pages can tell you a lot about what your visitors enjoyed and found useful on your site in 2015. What’s more, these pages can give you ideas for keyword optimization and topics for new content to develop during this year. Look for pages with high traffic and low bounce rates to know what topics kept visitors engaged.

Further, explore how your site performed in terms of the goals you set up. Were certain pages poor at converting visitors? Revisit those pages and try changing design elements, messaging, content, or other aspects of the page to improve conversion.

Traffic Source Tells You Where to Focus Your Site Optimization

The traffic source report from Google Analytics tells you a lot about how visitors got to your site last year. If you noticed most of your traffic came from Google organic search, it can suggest that search engine optimization is something you should continue to prioritize this year.

You can also identify opportunities for improvement. For example, were your social channels failing to send visitors to your site? It may be time to revisit your approach to social media.

Keep an Eye on Seasonal Trends

Some types of websites see a boost in traffic during certain times of the year. For instance, a Weston surf board company typically sees more traffic as the weather warms up and spring breakers start thinking about vacation.

Even if you don’t have an obvious season of peak traffic on your site, watching your visitor counts from month to month might reveal a trend you didn’t know about. If you do have a high season, identify what kind of content visitors found most helpful (good traffic, low bounce rate, high time on site, etc.) during these peak months and plan to make similar content in those months this year.

Let Adwire Media Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

There’s no better time than the New Year to get started with a new site design or marketing plan.

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