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Types of Lead Magnets That Can Help You Capture Client Data

Types of Lead Magnets That Can Help You Capture Client Data

A significant part of marketing to your target audience is getting their attention and then getting their contact information. Lead magnets are a great way for Boca Raton businesses to grab their attention, and can even help you with the data collection process. Below are a few types of lead magnets you might use.

Offers for Free Materials

If your business lends itself to writing guides, whitepapers, checklists, or any other type of information you can format into a downloadable PDF, it can be a great lead magnet. A helpful guide or whitepaper that gives readers information they need or helps them solve a problem can certainly be worth giving up an email address, for example.

Quizzes and Surveys

Let’s say you run a Boca Raton closet organization store. You want to show your clients how they could improve their closet storage, and capture their information at the same time. Building an interactive survey on your site that asks them about their current closet organization and then provides suggestions to help will do two things.

First, it gives your clients a good look at the problems they face and how your business can help them find a solution. Second, it passes details of their current closet issues to you along with their contact information so you can approach them personally, already armed with knowledge of their needs.

Coupons or Special Offers

Customers love coupons and special offers. Placing these items behind a contact form is a simple and effective way to capture client data and boost sales. You can even ask people who fill out the form if they’d like to be added to your special offer newsletter you send monthly. This keeps you top of mind each month and continues to provide incentive to use your services or buy your product.

Let Us Help You Harness the Power of Lead Magnets

Adwire Media can help you create and get the most out of your lead magnets so you can grow your client base. We offer a variety of marketing services from pop-up design to lead generation that will help you attract the clients you want. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our full range of media services for businesses of all types. Or give us a call to speak to an Adwire agent: 855-692-3947.