The Importance of Keywords: Are they alive or dead?
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The Importance of Keywords: Are they alive or dead?

The Importance of Keywords: Are they alive or dead?

A lot of people are questioning the importance of keywords in the current digital marketing landscape. There have always been a lot of factors that search engines consider when returning search results and ranking pages. And things have evolved quite a bit in the last several years, including how we use keywords. Some have even announced the death of the keyword in search engine optimization (SEO).

Are keywords really dead?

They aren’t dead; the importance of keywords is just taking a backseat to quality, human-friendly content. Years ago, in the darker days of SEO, keywords were king and your content couldn’t get enough of them. This often resulted in ugly web content full of keyword-stuffed paragraphs. Content writers struggled to hit keyword density marks and the people reading the content struggled to make sense of web pages written for search engines instead of humans.

Thankfully, things change, and so did the way we look at keywords. They are still important, but it’s a matter of using them wisely rather than feeling obligated to stuff them throughout the content. Instead, use your keywords in the prominent areas of your content – your title tag, heading (H1), content body, and meta-description.

Just once is fine for the title tag, heading, and meta-description. Work them in a couple of times in your content. Use synonyms and related words too. This makes things sound more natural. You can also include keywords in alt text for images, in the page URL, and in sub-headers throughout your content. Just don’t go overboard and start focusing more on keywords than on creating quality content that users will find helpful.

So are keywords still important? Adwire Media says so, and we can help you develop an SEO strategy that highlights the right keywords for your target audience. Fill out our contact form or give us a call to speak with an Adwire agent about how we can help: 855-692-3947.