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Social Media Syndication: On which social media platform should you promote your content?


Social Media Syndication: On which social media platform should you promote your content?

Even though your blog is full of great content, there’s no guarantee your target audience will find your posts through search engines alone. If you really want to make a splash in your industry, syndicate your blog content on social media platforms.

Keep in mind there is no definitive answer as to which platform is the best for you. The ideal platform will vary depending on the type of content you write and the audience you’re trying to reach. Consider the nuances of some of the most popular platforms.

Facebook has been the largest social platform for several years running, but some experts believe the platform’s appeal to the younger generation is going by the wayside. Facebook pages are great for building your brand and creating long-form excerpts about your content to entice people to click through. Just make sure you’re posting as your page (and not your personal account) and you set privacy settings to public.

Twitter is a platform with more nuances, thanks to its restriction of 140 total characters in a single message. But keep in mind that links will take up between 20 and 24 characters alone, so you really only have about 120 characters to entice someone to click your blog link. Keep your thoughts catchy and vague – short clauses with a link between statements works well to get your point across.

LinkedIn is the Facebook for business professionals. If your blog promotes your personal business or services, you can post a status update with a short intro on your LinkedIn profile. If you want to promote a blog on your company’s website, post a status on your LinkedIn company page.

Many are sounding the death knell for Google+ as the platform struggles to remain relevant. But don’t forget it yet, as there are many great niche communities (circles) that you can tap into to get your content before the right audience. Google+ posts still rank on Google search results and they allow you to write the most content to supplement the blog link.

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Running multiple social media accounts is more than just posting content regularly. You need to keep up with comments, monitor engagement on your profiles, and reciprocate sharing from other pages. Leave the social media syndication to the professionals. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 855-692-3947.