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Responsive Web Design – What It Is and Why You Need It

Responsive Web Design – What It Is and Why You Need It

In 2014, the world of Internet marketing hit a tipping point. For the first time since the introduction of mobile Internet availability via smartphones and tablets, digital media engagment on mobile surpassed that of desktops, according to comScore. In 2015, that trend shows no sign of slowing down, which brings us to a very important point: responsive web design is key to developing your website for today’s Internet market.

Responsive web design is when a website alters the way it appears and behaves based on the device used to access it. Your average website looks completely different when viewed on a 4-inch phone screen as compared to a 22-inch desktop monitor. Responsive web design takes into account screen size, touch capabilities, and orientation to deliver a consistently pleasant web content experience.

Your website should be responsive if you want to capture today’s consumers of web content and digital shoppers. Most sites today are designed twice – a desktop and a mobile version – ensuring that anyone who visits the site will get an experience tailored to their viewing device. If a consumer can’t navigate and read your site easily on the mobile device they’re using, they’re unlikely to switch to a desktop; they’ll just search elsewhere.

Don’t lose visitors to your site because it won’t play nice on their smartphone! Adwire Media uses responsive web design to capture visitors from desktops to smartphones, tablet users and whatever gadget is next. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our full range of web design services. Or give us a call to speak to an Adwire agent: 855-692-3947.