How to Decide What to Blog About
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How to Decide What to Blog About

what to blog about

How to Decide What to Blog About

One of the most difficult parts about getting a new website or blog off the ground is writing those first few posts. You may have started your site concept with tons of ideas in mind, but when it comes time to put your fingers to the keys, many site owners come up empty. If you’re stuck in a rut trying to figure out what to blog about, try asking yourself the following.

What questions do I hear from my followers/readers/customers/clients?

The people who come to your website are coming for a purpose, and usually it’s to get answers to a question or help solving a problem. If you know what those questions are, you can answer them in a well-written blog. Aside from being good topics to blog about, if you answer those questions or address those concerns on your website, you may not have to do so in person as often.

What topics are bringing my competitors success?

There are several successful blogs that make mention of their most popular or “viral” posts. Some sites even have a “Top 5 Hot Blogs” category on their home page to showcase their best content to new visitors. Take cues from other similar websites and blog about topics that are working for them – of course, with your own unique opinions and information!

What does keyword research and other data say?

If your site is already ranking for relevant keywords, keep that trend going with your new content ideas. While you’re analyzing the search queries that bring in traffic, look for any hidden gems that you never considered blogging about before. Analyze your website data for any patterns concerning visitor demographics or search terms. Then blog about topics that are important to those types of visitors and use those keywords in the content.

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