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How to Create Good Website User Experience for Your Plantation Business Through Design

How to Create Good Website User Experience for Your Plantation Business Through Design

Poor web design is the first step on a slippery slope of poor website user experience and a failed website – a trap into which many local businesses in Plantation and South Florida fall. If your website loads slowly, is hard to navigate, and does not give users what they want, you are bound to lose traffic and, more importantly, customers.

These are some basic design practices to follow when creating a new website.

  • Simplicity – Make sure your website is easy to read, not cluttered by too many ads and buttons, and is aesthetically clean and simple.
  • Navigation – Make it clear to your users how to find important information on your page. Avoid creating pages that are too link-heavy or use complicated or unclear navigation menus.
  • Mobile responsive – Your website should be mobile responsive, meaning it provides a good viewing and navigation experience no matter the type of device the visitor is using to access your site.
  • Calls to Action – Put thought into the calls to action you’d like to see on the site. Work this into your design plan. And don’t let videos or pop-ups distract away from the call to action on a given page; if you incorporate them into your design, make sure they serve a purpose and add value.
  • Speed – How fast your site loads is another important element of creating a website. If your user cannot load your site in 2-3 seconds and start navigating through your content, he or she will likely look elsewhere for what they want. Site load speed can also be a search engine ranking factor.

Don’t let poor user experience and bad web design bring your site traffic down. Plantation, Florida-based Adwire Media can review your site and develop a new web design that is mobile responsive, full of engaging content, and above all, provides a good user experience. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our full range of media services for South Florida businesses of all types. Or give us a call at 855-692-3947 to speak to an Adwire agent.