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How to Choose Keywords

how to choose keywords

How to Choose Keywords

Keywords tell the search engines what a page is about. And humans performing a search query will enter keywords into the search engine to produce results that will lead them to a web page (hopefully yours) that lets them accomplish their goal. So when picking keywords, you need to think both like a computer and a human.

But great website content with keywords that convert doesn’t just spring from the head of talented content writers. Research is a “key” part of knowing how to choose keywords to include on a web page to help boost search engine traffic to that page.

There are several keyword research tools available, from Google’s free Keyword Tool to SEMRush’s paid keyword analysis services. A big part of keyword research is knowing what your target audience is searching for. An analysis of which keywords your competitors are ranking for can help you identify which terms you should target.

You also must consider the intention behind a keyword; that is, what are users’ goals when they search for a particular keyword? Is the user doing research? Looking to buy something? These are key questions you’ll have to answer when deciding which keywords to target on a web page. Just because you’re capturing a lot of traffic for a particular keyword doesn’t mean it’s the right traffic – that traffic isn’t much use to you if users aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your web page.

And finally, consider the popularity of the keyword you want to target. It’s hard for a new website to rank for a popular term like “personal injury lawyer,” so you may want to start by going after keywords that don’t get as much queries but which may be more specific to a user’s end goal.

If keyword analysis and research doesn’t sound like something you have the time or resources to do, let Adwire Media help. Just fill out our contact form or give us a call at 855-692-3947.