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Email Blasts vs. Email Drip Campaigns – Pros and Cons of Each

Email Blasts vs. Email Drip Campaigns – Pros and Cons of Each

The two major forms of email marketing – email blasts and email drip campaigns – have their own merits and pitfalls. There’s no single right fit for all businesses, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of each in order to determine the marketing method that’s right for you.

Email Blasts

Email blasts come in two flavors: regular and as-needed. Regular email blasts are like newsletters in that they go out on a scheduled basis and your customers come to expect them on that schedule. As-needed blasts are sent to your mailing list when necessary, such as to advertise a special event or sale or announce important news about your company.

Email Drip Campaigns

An email drip campaign is a much more targeted marketing method, but can be very labor-intensive.

A drip campaign might start with a major event, such as getting someone to sign up for a free eBook on your website. Once you have their information, you know what they’re interested in (the topic of your eBook) and what step of the buying cycle they’re in (research, ready to buy, etc.). From there, you need to develop a timeframe for when to follow up with them and how to do so.

You may want to wait a week or two to send a follow-up email to see if they’ve read your book and have any questions; a month later you may send a similar follow-up. Don’t make the mistake of sending too many follow-ups, and make sure you have opt-outs and branches for when people want to stop your emails or once they’ve made a purchase or taken the next step to become a client.

When done properly, drip campaigns can make lifelong clients, but they do take a tremendous amount of work even with automation services like Infusionsoft.

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