Discover Your Website's Target Audience
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Discover Your Website’s Target Audience

Discover Your Website’s Target Audience

Do you know the first step to developing a great, high-traffic website? It’s not an amazing design or engaging content, it’s knowing your target audience. Before you start talking to your web designer or working with your content team to write your landing page copy, you need to understand exactly who these designs and articles are trying to speak to and attract to your site.

Getting to Know Your Website’s Target Audience For Web Design

You want your site’s design and functionality to appeal to your target audience, and there are a lot of considerations to be made before a single line of code is created. Consider the action that you want your target audience to complete. Make that action – buy something, read something, fill out something – the star of your design through front page placement, a pop-up box, or a featured slider.

But there is even more to consider. For example, think about the age of your ideal client or visitor. Older visitors may need easy-to-read text and large, clickable buttons or links. They may not like things that move too much or auto-play videos they can’t easily turn off.

If you’re appealing to a younger audience, you could take a cleaner, youthful approach. Bold banners and statements, eye-catching icons and graphics, and more audio/visual engagement can speak well to this type of audience.

Crafting Content to Speak To Your Target Audience and Search Engines

There’s a fine art to crafting your web content to address your target audience while still boosting search ranking with Google. Before you start writing to your website’s target audience, you need to know what types of searches they’re performing to find sites like yours.

Keyword analysis and research are necessary to figure out the topics and search terms that will drive your content. Take a look at the keywords your competitors are ranking for and utilize them in your own unique content. If you already know your audience pretty well, you’ll know how they think and “talk” when looking for things on the Internet.

Fun fact: Did you know that in Canada, the term “lawyer” is more commonly used than “attorney,” except in Quebec?

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