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How often do I need to post to my business’s social media account?


How often do I need to post to my business’s social media account?

Do not let anyone tell you there is a standard number or formula to determine how often you should post to social media. The Internet marketing game is different for every industry and every unique business, so what works for one bakery somewhere across the country may not work the same for a similar bakery in Davie.

Post Quality vs. Quantity

When you are trying to develop a social media strategy, it’s best to focus on the quality of the content you post rather than the quantity. If you do not have anything worth posting, do not just post for the sake of “getting something up” – cultivate great content to share instead!

For example, if you are a professional business like an accountant or attorney, develop content that is helpful and provides information your clients need before making the decision to hire you. Syndicate it on social media. You can post other things of interest to your audience too, including community-related topics. And don’t make the mistake of posting only your content – that’s one common social media mistake businesses make.

Figure Out How Much Time You Have to Devote to Posting

Once you have content to share, consider how much time you have to devote to posting. If you can schedule posts ahead of time, great, but do you have the time to respond to any questions or comments?

If you are strapped for time, start with one or two posts per week and see what kind of response you get and whether you can keep up with the comments. Try to post at the most opportunistic times of day and days of week. Some trial and error can help you figure out when your posts get the most engagement.

If there’s a good follower response to your posts, start adding one or two more per week as long as you have relevant content to post and time to monitor the feedback.

When you don’t have the engaging content to generate good social media posts or lack the time to follow up on responses to your social profiles, it may be time to get some marketing help. Adwire Media helps businesses across South Florida get their Internet marketing off the ground and running. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our marketing services, or give us a call at 855-692-3947.