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3 Social Media Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid


3 Social Media Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid

A single mistake on social media could have your company as the laughing stock of the Internet for days. Sure, going viral is great, but only for the right reasons. Before you make a Facebook faux-pas, familiarize yourself with these three common social media mistakes.

Mistake #1: Allowing negative comments to get the best of you. Responding to comments is part of your best social media practices, and that includes the negative comments (provided they are not offensive). Remain courteous and professional at all times, and know when to take a discussion to a private communication. The last thing you want to do is start an inflammatory dialogue with a client or reader and let the rest of your audience see the arguments.

Mistake #2: Only sharing your own content. There is so much variety on social media, there is no reason for your followers to concentrate on your profile if you only ever share your own content. Posting like-minded articles and videos from other sources helps expand your social circle and can eventually lead to collaboration and cooperation with other similar businesses. If you share their content, they are more likely to share yours.

Mistake #3: Relying on social media to do all your marketing. While having a social media marketing strategy is a great way to connect with potential customers and clients, it is not a one-shot solution. For a truly successful Internet marketing strategy you need a functional and robust website, quality web content, and lead generation and management. A few Facebook posts and tweets a month will never be enough to get new clients on a consistent basis, and they won’t save a business that doesn’t have a full Internet presence to explore.

Adwire Media can save your business from making these and other web marketing mistakes with our full range of digital services. From social media marketing to lead generation and management, we offer the solutions you need to succeed on the Internet.

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