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Our Technology



Our proprietary lead management tool that we call “LMS” allows us to manage all leads, create in-depth reporting, and analyze important data relevant to your campaign. This powerful system monitors the performance in real-time so we can make intelligent decisions on the fly to ensure your campaign is performing at its best. Our animated visualization tools allow us to see data from a different angle so we can see your campaign’s progress from a more visual perspective.


Adwire’e college directory CollegeAllStar.com matches students with career schools and colleges in the United States with the use of our online search tool which includes zip code, career, program and type of study (online or campus based schools). CollegeAllStar.com is a directory of schools and we feature all schools we represent to attract the most exposure. With hundreds of programs to choose from and various ways to feature your school, we are the ideal advertising source for your college. We provide good conversion rates, quality student inquiries, and strong lead generation campaigns. We adhere to strict compliance guidelines to ensure your branding, programs, content and regulatory information meet your high standards.


Our Enrollmint.com portal is a multi-step lead widget which allows us to collect inquiries in a different manner than our other portals since it’s a quick 3-step process rather than a large directory. We offer many ways to feature your school such as our career and article pages, in our main navigation, as well as opportunities to link your landing page from article content. Multiple lead collection areas throughout the site include our main search widget on the homepage, our search widget pop-up on interior pages, as well as direct traffic to your branded landing page. Articles by career and popular degree programs that display facts and salary information in an animated format from the Bureau of Labor Statistics help round out the user’s experience.


We are expanding our network every day by creating niche portals, and AmericasBeautySchools.com is the perfect example. We can help students find beauty career training schools nationwide. A prospective student can discover a new beauty career by using our college search tool or they can browse our website to learn more about exciting new beauty careers. America’s Beauty Schools is a great source for beauty colleges and careers to help students succeed in their future. Advertise your school on AmericasBeautySchools.com, be a partner and let your school get noticed. We are sure to give your school the right attention it deserves. On our directory of schools, you can place vital information such as course information, location listings, brief description of each campus, school photos, accreditation information, testimonials and more.


Our solar directory SolarEnergySearch.com matches homeowners with solar energy companies in the U.S. with the use of our online search tool. With coverage across the nation we are the ideal directory for a homeowner to find a solar provider in their neighborhood. Adwire Media provides world-class call center and telemarketing services that make for superior inbound and outbound campaigns. Coupled with quality data, our telemarketing specialists can target prospects with pinpoint accuracy and with industry-savvy agents that are capable of high level campaigns. Eliminate the hassle and expense of creating an in-house campaign and use our solar industry specialists that are experienced in dealing with homeowners interested in solar energy.